STARTING TODAY (February 6, 2014), Marvel Comics is giving a fictional sixteen-year-old Muslim-American her own monthly comic-book series. Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, previously appeared in Captain Marvel #13 in August of 2013 and returned in All-New Marvel NOW! Point-One #1 last month.

“It is so important that we tell stories that reflect the ever-changing world that we live in and being a Muslim-American is so much a part of that,” Sana Amanat, the series editor, told Reuters in November of 2013.

The Kamala Khan character lives with conservative Pakistani parents and a brother in New Jersey. As a superhero, she is able to change her shape and lengthen her arms and legs.

Kamala Khan is the third generation of the Ms. Marvel character, following Carol Danvers, who debuted in 1968, and Sharon Ventura, who first appeared in 1985.

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