ON THIS DATE in 2006, fourteen-year-old aaron_fotheringham_sentado_al_limite_1 Aaron Fotheringham of Las Vegas, Nevada, became the first person to successfully land a wheelchair back flip.
Born with spina bifida, Fotheringham had been in a wheelchair since age three and loved exploring how far he could push the envelope with jumps, flips, and other hardcore stunts. “Everyone thinks ‘Oh you’re disabled, that’s such a terrible thing,’ but I think it’s positive,” he told London’s Daily Mail newspaper in 2008. “It’s like being able to carry your skateboard everywhere with you. People don’t realize how much can be done in a chair.”
At eight, Fotheringham attempted his first stunts at a local skate park in Las Vegas. Five years later, he nailed his first back flip, although it took two more years for him to repeat the feat in front of officials from the World Records Academy. “It’s wonderful,” said his mother, Kaylene Fotheringham, after her son made his achievement official in 2008. “We always thought he was the first one to do it but today we know he has the world record.”

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