SEPTEMBER 25: English private gives his life to save captain

ON THIS DATE in 1915, eighteen-year-old English private George Peachment lost his life during a daring rescue of his captain during the World War I Battle of Loos in Northern France.

krrcpeachmentKPeachment crawled through heavy fire to assist Captain Guy Rattray Dubs, who had lost part of his face in a bomb blast. The private knelt in the open, applying medical aid to the captain as German gunfire whizzed around him and bombs exploded nearby. The young Brit’s Victoria Cross citation noted that he was “first wounded by a bomb and a minute later mortally wounded by a rifle bullet.”

Captain Dubs recovered from his injuries and praised Peachment’s valor in a letter to the private’s mother. “I can’t tell you how much I admired your son’s bravery and pluck,” Dubs said. “He lost his life trying to save me and no man could have been braver than he was.” King George V presented the fallen private’s Victoria Cross medal to Mary Peachment in Buckingham Palace in November of 1916.

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