NOVEMBER 14: Teens in the news

HISTORICALLY, NOVEMBER 14 has been a good day for super-smart guys and country-singing gals:

Nov. 14, 1968: Margo Godfrey, fifteen, wins the women’s surfing world championship (already posted)

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Nov. 14, 1973: Marie Osmond, fifteen, has the number one country song with “Paper Roses.” The song officially tops the charts from Nov. 10 – 17. Anita Bryant had a hit with the song in 1960.

Nov. 14, 1978: Laura Nickel and Curt Noll, both eighteen, calculate what is at the time the largest known prime number, 2 to the 21,701st power minus one, using a terminal at California State University, Hayward. The number totals 6,533 digits.

Nov. 14, 2009: Taylor Swift, nineteen, becomes (according to Guinness World Records, 2011) “the first female artist to have eight tracks simultaneously on the U.S. Hot 100. On that chart she also became the first artist to have five tracks simultaneously enter the top 20.”

Nov. 14, 2009: Magnus Carlsen, eighteen, of Norway becomes the new number one chess player in the world with a tournament victory over Peter Leko of Hungary.

Nov. 14, 2012: Lilli Leight, fifteen, is honored at the National Book Awards Ceremony for establishing a “giving library” at a Miami homeless shelter.

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