JUNE 11: Saved by a kiss

Liu Wenxiu 1FOUR YEARS AGO today, nineteen-year-old Liu Wenxiu saved a sixteen-year-old stranger from a suicide attempt by hugging and kissing him.

The boy was holding a knife and threatening to leap off a pedestrian bridge in Shenzhen, China. The police were getting nowhere in their attempts to talk him down before Liu appeared and claimed to be the boy’s girlfriend, although she had never seen him before. The police let her approach the subject.

The boy told Liu that “he didn’t have a home anymore, nobody cared about him and no one trusted him,” she said. So Liu showed him the scars on her right wrist, from when she tried to kill herself, and then cried with him. Then came the hug and kiss, and then the police pulled the boy away from the bridge.

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